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NAWO - In Conversation

Jul 17, 2020

Welcome to Episode 2 of the 2020 Series.

 “Disruption affects the default” Anneli Blundell.

 There is no need to state the bleeding obvious. We find ourselves in challenging, tumultuous and uncertain times. But as Winston Churchill once said “One should never waste a good crisis”. Now is the time to proactively leverage the disruption and embrace the positive personal and systemic change that has been brought about by this public health crisis. Carpe Diem – Seize the moment!


This conversation was borne out of a passionate phone conversation between Anneli and I and we decided it would be great fun to  challenge you to think about what you can do to leverage opportunities for change that propell us towards a more inclusive workplace, through choosing what you are going to retain from all this in relation to your own habits and behaviour, through advocating for team process and systems that support a new, more inclusive way of working and really just being the change you want to see.


Anneli Blundell is an author, a speaker, a facilitator, and executive coach and mentor – and by all accounts a great dancer and roller blader. Anneli has been a supporter of NAWO’s for a couple of years now and we had many NAWO members attend her Leading out Loud program, with awesome feedback. Anneli uses her vast knowledge and decades of experience decoding people, to bring the everyday behaviours and communication habits to the forefront of getting results. It’s often the simplest shifts that create the biggest results, but the key is knowing what to shift. The way we interact, communicate and connect with others has a dramatic impact on our ability to get results.


You can see more about Anneli at


In the last episode I introduced you to the NAWO Nine Levers for Gender Balance. If you are a NAWO member you will be hearing a lot more about the NAWO Nine in the coming months as we align our Industry Solutions activities, and resources to these levers. The NAWO Nine aims to provide a roadmap to help our member companies identify where they are making good progress and also where they may need to shift their attention to ensure we continue to engage in practical action – both behavioural and systemic, to achieve greater gender balance.

unwavering leadership commitment to diversity and inclusion. The many ways we have worked more flexibly, the use of digital tools and technology, changed attitudes toward children and pets popping their heads up in meetings, alignment to new behaviours norms with faciltating (hopefully fewer) meetings, injecting news ways to connect all team members socially, finding new ways to share the care at home, thinking differently about the skill sets required for certain jobs and how we might leverage alternative pools of talent……, the list of what has been disrupted and what has evolved is endless  - but what is critical is how each and everyone of us plays an active part in taking the good bits forward – to resist falling back into old patterns and falling back to the status quo. 

Many of the areas of opportunity that we refer to in this conversation are aligned to these nine levers and really at the heart of the conversation is how to maintain 


We sincerely hope this inspires you to be a changemaker and use your individual power to influence and ensure that we do not revert back to systems, processes and behaviours that no longer serve us well.

Anneli has two amazing programs on offer that we are promoting through the NAWO network. The Winning@WorkFromHome Online program and her highly regarded Women in Leadership Masterclass. You can find more information here.