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NAWO - In Conversation

Mar 27, 2019

One of NAWO’s key learning priorities is Authentic Leadership and the NAWO network provides many opportunities for people to better understand and explore this concept. We are introducing another opportunity for NAWO members to embrace their authentic selves at an even deeper level, with the introduction of Mim Bartlett’s Change Up Program in 2019. Ian and I were lucky enough to participate in this program last year and we took away many insightful learnings about ourselves and others and made many new friends through the experience. What I came to fully understand, is that authentic leadership requires honest self-assessment, that we never stop learning about ourselves and our relationships with other people and that the more integrated we are across all aspects of our lives the more successful, centred and healthy we can be.


In this conversation Mim, Ian and I reflect on some of the key concepts explored in her intensive, action oriented program and we hope it inspires you to want to learn more about this opportunity being offered through the NAWO/Change Up partnership. The program runs over 4 sessions – 6/08/2019 – ½ day, 27/08/19 – ½ day, 17/09/19 full day and 15/10/2019 ½ day. The NAWO member rate for this program is $2750 per participant. You can register via the NAWO website. To learn more about Mim please go to