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NAWO - In Conversation

Jan 9, 2019

I vividly recall the challenges involved in navigating childcare and have to say I took a different approach with each of our three children. My girls experienced childcare, family day care, nannies and after school care and sometimes mixtures of all of them! All forms of childcare have their advantages and disadvantages – for both parents and children, and weighing up all the options to come up with the best solution or your family is a complex task fraught with high emotion! With the primary objective being the best care for your child, there is also the overlay of financial capacity, and the scintillating task of staying on top of the regularly changing Government rebate system! I took the nanny option once I had more than one child and needed greater flexibility, and I was very lucky to find two fantastic nannies who my children loved. However the question of whether they would be willing to do additional domestic duties while the children were having down time or sleeping was always a little bit of a sensitive topic.


Well, Lauren Brown is a veritable Mary Poppins! In fact she has reinvented the modern Nanny. Lauren recognised the value that a Nanny service with the addition of domestic help, could bring to a family and has started her own business called Nanager is a boutique agency combining professional nanny services with home management, to help you juggle a healthy career alongside a happy home. When you come home from work, the kids are happy, the house is clean, laundry is put away and dinner is on the table. Meaning you can spend time where it matters most, as a family. Sounds too good to be true! You can find out more at


In this conversation you will hear Lauren talk about her journey from Nanny to Nanager, how she advocates for a mixed approach to child care and how Nanager works, matching Nanagers to families. Lauren also mentioned Shebah is Australia’s first and only active all-female rideshare service getting women and children where they need to go – check them out!


We hope you find this useful as you head into a new year to help you get on top of your child care plans.