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NAWO - In Conversation

Dec 13, 2018

In this episode Louise Weine speaks with Michelle Redfern about Commercial Acumen. It’s not one of the most popular NAWO key learning priorities but possibly one of the most important, so we hope this podcast inspires you to dial up your business savvy and get involved in NAWO events, programs and activities in 2019 that may help you close any gaps and find your commercial acumen ‘ON’ button. In this conversation Michelle shares some ideas to help you demonstrate how commercially astute you really are and shares some tips for building a more broad based knowledge of the business you are in. This will give you a feel for the fun, pragmatic approach Michelle brings to the topic and leave you wanting more…..and we are pleased to say that Michelle will be delivering her Metrics Matters workshops in 2019 for NAWO members. You can find out more about Michelle Redfern at To find out more about NAWO please go to our website
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