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NAWO - In Conversation

Jun 12, 2020

Welcome to Episode 1 of the 2020 Series.


“The compelling logic for increased diversity is because it increases performance” Dr Karen Morley.


We can now access research from a range of credible sources that have a diverse workforce, and an inclusive work culture provides tangible and measurable benefits to organisations, teams and individuals. But why is progress so slow? NAWO member companies join NAWO because of a commitment to achieving a greater gender balance in operations, yet the WGEA data informs us that we still have quite some way to go.


In this podcast I speak to Dr Karen Morley about the book she has just released called Beat Gender Bias: How to play a better part in a more inclusive world. It is the best book I have read on the topic of bias in quite some time and we have a fabulous chat about the really practical approach this book takes to beating it.


I also introduce you to the NAWO Nine Levers for Gender Balance. If you are a NAWO member you will be hearing a lot more about the ‘NAWO Nine’ in the coming months. These levers provide a roadmap to help our member companies identify where they are making good progress, and also where they may need to shift their attention to continue to engage in practical action – both behavioural and systemic, to achieve greater gender balance.



The ability to call out bias and prevent the negative impact of it on decision making is fundamental to all Nine Levers and that is why we have opened our Podcast series with this very important conversation with Karen. We hope you enjoy it and certainly hope you put Karen’s book at the top of your reading list!


You can connect with Karen and purchase copies of both her terrific books at