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NAWO - In Conversation

May 16, 2019

In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking with the enigmatic Andrea Clarke. Around 400 NAWO members complete her Communicating with Authority program and there have been many spectacular success stories from participants who have reported greater confidence, career progression, and all round greater control of their reputational capital…..we will talk a lot more about this in the podcast. Andrea runs an organisation called CareerCEO. You can find out all about it at Andrea together with her colleagues Belinda Wall and Jennifer Adams, have been facilitating their program for NAWO members for the last 3 years right across the country and are active supporters of the work NAWO does – it is great to be able to partner with them to strengthen the female talent pipeline in operations! 


Our conversation though – is about Andrea’s new book. Future Fit! A terrific book all about the future of work, where Andrea takes a talent focussed approach to the challenges we all face in meeting the changing needs of a more technologically driven workplace. 


Algorithms, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0… has an impact on every industry in all kinds of ways. We all need to be investing in our capabilities to remain secure in the digital age of work. The responsibility for finding, securing and delivering work is shifting to the individual in ways we have not seen before., we need to invest in our own talent in ways we may not have considered. 


​​While this can be confronting and somewhat disconcertingAndrea inspires us to look at this change as an opportunity: those who take 'human skills' to the next level, will be powerfully differentiated in a dynamic new market. The premise of Andrea’s book is that the future of work is as much about talent, as technology. 


I hope you enjoy the conversation and that it gets you inspired to read the book and take action to embrace your own development and invest in your reputational capital.